Pandora in the Big City

#2: Everything Right is Wrong Again

Lost in the Real World as well as the Dreamscape, Pandora gets by with the help of some unusual friends, and her very own Dreamguide, Sam.

Date of Publication: December 1997
Pages: 24
Cover Price: $2.95 US


Writer: Vincent Sneed
Illustrator: John Peters
Cover Illustrator: John Peters
Cover Designer: Vincent Sneed
Cover Colorist: Aaron McClellan
Tones: Brandon Blatcher
Letterer: Vincent Sneed
Production: Vincent Sneed
Guest Artist: Mark Crilley, Denise Drsata-Peters

Publisher: Oddjobs, Limited
Printer: Brenner Printing,Texas
Cover Print Method: 4-color offset
Internal Print Method: 1-color offset


[john peters]: Sam is a goofier version of Maisey, a mischievous character I drew between 1990 and 1995, who managed to squirm out of any attempt to pin her down to a story. She was included, nameless, in the first batch of sketches for Forty Winks. Vince wanted to call her Maisey at first, but I wished to keep the original Maisey out of this, so we named this incarnation Samantha Stevens after the Elizabeth Montgomery character in Bewitched. Elizabeth Montgomery played another character on the show under the pseudonym Pandora Spocks.
The Smith Street Gang is four boys imitating their favorite Action/Adventure comic book characters. Doc, Mongo, and Skeet are roughly based on Doc Savage characters. The Mysterious Penumbra is roughly based on The Shadow. Vince pulled the name Penumbra from Thesaurus software by entering the word "shadow". At the Small Press Expo in 1998 we met another small press publisher with a side character named "The Mysterious Penumbra". We all had a beer and forgot about it.

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