The Fabled Pirate Queen
of the South China Seas

#3: A Girl Worth Fighting For

Annabelle must decide where her loyalties lay in this final chapter of the Pirate Queen saga.

Date of Publication: December 1999
Pages: 24
Cover Price: $2.95 US


Writer: Vincent Sneed
Illustrator: Billy Martinez
Cover Illustrator: Billy Martinez
Cover Colorist: Aaron McClellan
Cover Designer: Vincent Sneed
Letterer: Vincent Sneed
Production: Vincent Sneed
Guest Artists: John Peters, Butch Adams

Publisher: Peregrine Entertainment
Printer: Quebecor Printing, Canada
Cover Print Method: 4-color offset
Internal Print Method: 1-color offset


[john peters]: For reasons unknown, the cover that was supposed to be used could not be, so the color advertisement for the series was used instead. The greytone image on the inside-front cover shows the intended cover.

I'm still trying to talk Vince into rewriting and expanding this story to a graphic novel length, which would mix Pandora directly into Annabelle's dream.

Where to Buy The Fabled Pirate Queen... #1:

This 3-issue series is available with The Pirate Collection at Squidworks

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