Christmas Special

For all its bright lights and family traditions Christmas serves as a stark reminder to Ricky and Pandora of the emptiness left by the death of a wife and mother.

Date of Publication: December 1998
Pages: 36
Cover Price: $2.95 US


Writers: Neal Patterson, Vincent Sneed, & John Peters
Illustrator: John Peters
Cover Illustrator: John Peters
Cover Designer: John Peters
Tones: John Peters
Letterer: Vincent Sneed
Production: Vincent Sneed
Guest Artists: Kheang Kho/Judy Rusnak, Robert Sparendara, Sean Murray, Denise Drsata-Peters

Publisher: Peregrine Entertainment
Printer: Brenner Printing, Texas
Cover Print Method: 4-color offset
Internal Print Method: 1-color offset


[john peters]: The original story I proposed to Vince was of a rather chaotic Elementary School Holiday presentation for the teachers and parents. Instead, the story was built around details and memories supplied by Mr. Patterson, Mr. Sneed, and myself, which were altered to match the world as Pandora saw it. I experimented with Pen & Ink with monchomatic Watercolor washes on good Watercolor paper for this book, which made for a faster turnaround, but was much more expensive to produce.

Where to Buy The Christmas Special:

This is available individuallly and with The One-Shot Collection at Squidworks

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