Pandora in the Big City

Meet Pandora Spocks, a ten-year-old girl with an incredible talent for dreaming. Spiders, snakes, and one really NASTY Monster.
#1: Narrow Your Eyes   #2: Everything Right Is Wrong Again   #3: Where Your Eyes Don't Go   #4: They Might Be Giants   Big City Collection

The Fabled Pirate Queen
of the South China Seas

Annabelle Wu spins a tale of adventure and intrigue. Pandora Spocks can't help but listen... and wonder if she's found a kindred spirit.
#1: When She Was Young    #2: The Flying Tigers of Kwangtung    #3: A Girl Worth Fighting For   Pirate Queen Collection

Mr. Horrible

Matt Mason is reconstructing his life... he thought he defeated his personal demon, but it's not easy to stare down a beast with five times as many eyes!
#1    #2   Horrible Collection  

One Shots

These are self-contained stories, sometimes serious, sometimes goofy... but always Forty Winks.
Christmas Special   TV Party   Buzzboy in Dreamland   One-Shot Collection

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