Forty Winks Presents:

If All The World Were Apple Pie

What if all the world were apple pie? Would you be prepared for what follows?

Date of Publication: September 1997
Pages: 8
Cover Price: 75 cents US


Writer: Nancy Jeanne Peters
Illustrator: John Peters
Cover Illustrator: John Peters
Cover Designer: John Peters
Letterer: John Peters
Production: John Peters

Publisher: Gypsygirl Press
Printer: Signal graphics, Centennial, CO
Cover Print Method: 1-color copier
Internal Print Method: 1-color copier


[john peters]: If All The World Were Apple Pie is an old traditional rhyme/poem/riddle. Many years ago Nancy had written a solution to this riddle, and i adapted it using Forty Winks characters. This was also meant as practice for re-doing "Pandora Style" drawing for upcoming projects and the eventual release of Big City as a graphic Novel.

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