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  • BFA, Sculpture, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, April 2004
  • BFA, Painting, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, April 2003

  • Munny Show, Capsule Gallery, Denver, Co, July/August 2006
  • Monthly Art Show, Big Sky Cafe, Wheatridge, Co, July/August 2005
  • Womyn's Circle Second Annual Art Show, The Center, CO June/July 2005
  • $500 And Under Show, The Space Gallery, CO July/August 2004
  • Womyn's Circle First Annual Art Show, The Center, CO June/July 2004
  • No Joke Comic Exhibition, Mizel Center for the Arts, January/March 2004
  • Second Annual All Media Juried Show, Artist’s Museum, Washington D.C., Winter 2003/2004
  • Scene/Unseen, University of Northern New Mexico, NM, Fall 2003
  • Roseville Arts Center's 28th Annual Open Show, Roseville Arts Center, CA, Fall 2003
  • Fish Follies, Cordova Historical Center, AK, Fall 2003
  • Permanent Collection, Henan University, China, Fall 2002
  • Context, Western Colorado Center of the Arts, CO, Summer 2003
  • Dreams and Dream Makers, Escuela National de Artes Plasticas, Xochimilco, Mexico (a year tour of Mexico since April 2003)
  • D.E.A.R Gallery, CO, Fall 2002
  • BiAnnual Open Shows, Mu Gallery, CO, Fall/Spring 2001 and Spring/Fall 2002
  • D.U.G Gallery, CO, Spring 2001
  • Annual Open Show, Art Room, NanDesuKan, CO, Fall 2001

I was born August 5th, 1980 in Baltimore MD. Halfway through High School I moved to Colorado and really haven’t been back East except to visit. In 2003 I graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in painting. In 2004 I will graduate with a second BFA in sculpture (That is, if my Mother can stand one more ceramic hand sticking out of the kitchen floor :))
Is it a good thing when everyone in your college calls you “the Addams Family kid”?
I created Happy Boy to make my friend Kandice laugh, and in the end he became a series to make my professor Clark Richert stop bugging me about being inconsistent :) (Reminiscing about the good ol’ days… ) That really is the true nature and function of Happy Boy. He makes people laugh, and occasionally go “aw, isn’t he cute!”